Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love SNL! and an Awesome Free SNL DVD Collection

So SNL is back again!
Last weeks' episode with the return of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton was definitely one of the funniest skits I've seen in a while. I enjoy the new cast but you can't help but love the older casts. They are classic.

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It's still up in the air whether Tina Fey will come back to continue the role, and Amy Poehler is scheduled to leave SNL to have a baby in the next few months... which will be a huge loss for the show. Click here for the USA Today article
However the next few episodes lined up are going to have awesome hosts. James Franco will be hosting this weekend with Kings of Leon and Anna Faris will be next on September 27 with Duffy as the musical guest.
I believe Franco should be good after seeing him in his stoner role in Pineapple Express and Anna Faris is always hilarious. I have faith SNL will get better!

Either way I found a Saturday Night Live Complete 10 DVD Collector's Set online a while back ago and found it's actually not a scam!
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I watch these all the time and they feature all of the "classic" SNL actors and characters.
To get the collection you don't need to do much. You need to enter some basic info and go through some questions that you can answer yes/no to or even skip. At which point you need to choose some offers to fulfill, that can cost you money but ends up being a lot less than what you would actually pay for this item. Just think of the deal if you out of pocket spend $50 to get the collection worth a few hundred. You need to send in some proof of fulfilling the requirements and the company sends you the collection in about a month. Maybe do it now for the holidays? Anyways its definitely worth checking out!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond for Free. Smartphone for the smart set!

An article on CNN's Fortune listed the top 7 smartphones. Of the phones addressed my favorite is the HTC Touch Diamond phone. From a Taiwanese company it both rivals, and in my opinion, exceeds the iphone. Besides the powerful specs and every feature possible it's more slim than the iphone. I'm not downplaying the iphone, it's an amzing device, I just haven't bought into it....

I have found a site that is offering the HTC Touch Diamond for free. Ofcourse some terms apply, but it is definitely worth it considering all that the phone offers! You can get it here:

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You can also read more about the HTC Touch Diamond in the article at


Its great for work and play considering it operates with Windows and has great fun features.