Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free New Copies of President Barack Obama Books!!

Whether you voted for or against Obama he's America's new President!

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Elections are always exciting and now that we all know who will be in office it's not a bad idea to learn a bit more about him!

He wrote two best selling books.. The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father.

Political or not, and regardless of your beliefs I'd say read them and check them out. What could it hurt really?

Barack Obama published Dreams from My Father which is described as a lyrical, unsentimental, and powerfully affecting memoir, which became a #1 New York Times bestseller when it was reissued in 2004. Dreams from My Father tells the story of Obama’s struggle to understand the forces that shaped him as the son of a black African father and white American mother—a struggle that takes him from the American heartland to the ancestral home of his great-aunt in the tiny African village of Alego.

In The Audacity of Hope, President Obama called for a different brand of politics–a politics for those weary of bitter partisanship and alienated by the “endless clash of armies” we see in congress and on the campaign trail; a politics rooted in the faith, inclusiveness, and nobility of spirit at the heart of “our improbable experiment in democracy.” He explores those forces–from the fear of losing to the perpetual need to raise money to the power of the media–that can stifle even thebest-intentioned politician. He also writes, with surprising intimacy and self-deprecating humor, about settling in as a senator, seeking to balance the demands of public service and family life, and his own deepening religious commitment.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 of the Best Ads Disguised as Games

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1. Cool Spot
Spot was the mascot for the soda 7-Up. The game featured a sonic the hedgehog type on environment and was praised for its graphics and levels.

2. Yo! Noid
Noid traversed through New York using a yo-yo to battle his evil duplicate, Mr. Green. Yo! Noid was essentially a modified duplication of another Capcom game from Japan called Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru; the game play remain unchanged, but different facades were applied to the locations.
In case the pizza eating contests at the end of the levels didn’t make the player hungry, the game came with a whopping dollar-off coupon for Domino’s Pizza

3. Kool Aid Man
The game revolved around drinking from a swimming pool full of Kool Aid that also served as Sir Punch’s life bar. The object of the game was to quench the thirst of thirty “Thirsties” using the pool of life matter.

4. Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool and Wild Wild Quest
Neither game was well received; the game play was considered complicated and boring

5. The King Games
The creepy king from Burger King actually did well because of the low price and fun for the games for X-Box in 2006: Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin’ and Sneak King.

6. Chase the Chuck Wagon
The game was a maze-based and required the player to guide a dog to attain the glorious chuck wagon. The game was only available through proofs of purchase on the dog food bags.

7. M.C. Kids
In this game, two teenage players enter the McDonalds Fantasy Land to chase after Ronald McDonald’s “fun bag” which has been stolen by Hamburglar. The game was too difficult for younger users and older players didn't like it much.

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Source: mentalfloss

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hit the Hay (literally) in Germany

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Leave it to the Germans to combine livestock with lodging. In the last decade, hundreds of farms throughout Germany have transformed old barns and potato warehouses into heuhotels, or hay hotels, where guests spend the night on a bed of dried grass.

The eco-friendly hotels (no sheets to change) are cheap and appeal to the country’s many cyclists, nature lovers and outdoorsy families. Sleeping accommodations range from open lofts filled with bales of hay, to feed stalls furnished with wooden platforms. And while a few hotels have added more civilized amenities like privacy curtains and bottles of wine to take to bed, most still require that guests bring their own sleeping bag and towels.

Barnyard nuptials may be a growing trend. At the Kleyhauers Heuhotel in Wangerland, near the North Sea (49-4461-700-092;, couples can check into the “bridal suite." For 23 euros each, the bride and groom will find a small platform of hay for two, a bottle of sekt and Christmas lights strung in the shape of a heart. (Other hay rooms are 14.5 euros, with breakfast.)

Never mind that there is a herd of smelly cows in the adjoining stall. In the morning, you can enjoy the freshest milk with your muesli.

A list of hay hotels throughout Germany can be found on, a Web site created by an association for farm vacations and hay hotels. Another site, in German only, like the others,, specializes in Lower Saxony.

Sounds interesting...definitely not for you if you want pampering though!

Source: NYTimes

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How to Get Better WiFi

Tips from CNN's Data Doctor on how to improve your Wireless Internet Signals, what you can do for weak signals, and about WiFi enhancers

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Pretty good tips! Especially the placements in your home for WiFi

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Victoria's Secret Wants you to Nominate Schools!

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This Year Victoria's Secret Launched its New PINK Collegiate Gear. Victoria's Secret paired up with 33 colleges and universities to create the Collection, which features hoodies, logo tees, sweatpants, shorts, tote bags, and panties ensemble for each school.
Branding arrangements were made through the Collegiate Licensing Company, so schools did not deal directly with Victoria's Secret for the collection.
Many girls though are disappointed not to see their school represented. So for the 2009 collection Victoria's Secret is taking votes and nomination for schools to add! Most of the current schools are also know for sports besides just academics, mainly due to marketing so fans of the school are also part of their market.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

LG's Profits Drop 93% From 1 Year Ago

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South Korea's second largest electronics manufacturer by revenue (Samsung is no. 1) reported Monday their third-quarter net profit plunged 93% from a year earlier on hefty foreign exchange-related losses, although a strong performance in mobile phones boosted its operating profit.

This comes during a global economic slow down, fourth-quarter sales growth would slow and it will enter the low-tier handset market next year to drum up weakening demand.
Even though the 4th quarter typically performs well because of the sale of handsets and displays.

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How To Get Fit in 15 minutes

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Quick things to do to tone up when you have a time crunch and can't (or don't want to) make it to the gym...

What You Need
Yoga mat, stability ball, light dumbbells (two to five pounds)

1. Start with two minutes of jumping jacks to get your heart rate up

2. Do lunges with triceps extensions for two minutes

Grasp a free-weight in each hand. Starting with your arms at your sides and your legs together, take a big step back with one leg, bringing it as far back as it will comfortably go—the toe of that foot should be about two and a half feet behind the heel of the front foot. (The knee of your front leg will be bent and the back leg will be straight. Don’t lock the knee.) Maintaining this lunge position, raise both arms overhead so weights are touching and your upper arms rest next to your ears. With a slow and controlled motion, bend arms at the elbow so your hands end up behind your head and your forearms are parallel to the floor. Slowly return arms to the straight position. Do this for one minute, then alternate legs and repeat.

3. Do a gluteal bridge for one minute

Lie on a mat with your arms straight down by your sides and your knees bent. Keeping your head, shoulders, and arms on the floor, raise your bottom off the mat, bringing your torso in line with your upper thighs so your body forms one straight line from shoulders to knees. As you do this, squeeze your glute muscles and tighten your abs—it should feel like you’re pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Lower back down to the mat and repeat for one minute.

4. Plank for one minute

Get on all fours on your yoga mat, then bend your arms so your forearms rest on the mat, and clasp your hands together. Straighten your legs behind you, keeping your feet together. Look down at the mat, keeping your head and neck in line with your spine. If you’re a beginner, you can bend your legs slightly and rest your weight on your knees. If you’re more advanced, keep your legs straight so all your weight rests on your toes and arms. Maintain this position for one minute.

5. Perform leg raises on stability ball for one minute

Place the stability ball on the floor and bend over it, resting your lower abdomen and upper thighs on top of it and supporting and stabilizing yourself by placing your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders, with your arms straight. Straighten your legs and keep them together. Raise your legs a few inches, then lower them, bending slightly at the hip, while keeping your legs straight and squeezing your glute muscles.

6. Repeat the circuit

7. Up downs

Stand with your legs together, then bend over at the waist as if to touch your toes. Bend your knees and put your hands flat on the floor six- to eight-inches in front of your toes. Keeping your arms straight, jump back with both feet at once, straightening your legs behind you and landing on your toes. Your body will now be in a full, straight-arm plank position. In a smooth, rapid motion, jump forward, returning your feet to the starting position. Repeat for one minute.

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source: RealSimple

Etch A Sketch The Ohio Art Company Turns 100

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The Ohio Art Company turns 100 this year! The makers of long time favorite Etch A Sketch have sold more than 150 million toys since it was introduced in 1960.
Check out a photo of an etch a sketch drawing... and more from CNN

Bill Killgallon was a college student when his father, William C. Killgallon, showed him the device developed by French electrician Andre Cassagnes and perfected by Ohio Art chief engineer Jerry Burger. The younger Killgallon later worked on the production line for the toy, twirling the nobs to test each unit by writing his name.

In the intervening years, some artists have been able to develop a remarkable proficiency with the device, using Etch A Sketches to create amazingly detailed drawings.

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Hollywood Is Even Cutting Back on Spending- The Soloist is Delayed!

Looks like staying home and renting movies is in store. Apparently Hollywood isn't recession proof!

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Paramount Pictures' abrupt decision to delay two major holiday films -- including one with Oscar aspirations -- may be an early sign of Hollywood's retrenchment in the midst of the U.S. economic crisis.

Paramount is delaying the release of two major films, including "The Soloist."

Paramount late last week said it would delay "The Soloist" -- a Los Angeles drama about a homeless violin player and the newspaper columnist who intervenes in his life -- until next March. The movie comes from DreamWorks, the Paramount unit whose principals, Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider, recently left to start a new film venture.

The decision to delay the movie came barely a month before its planned Nov. 21 debut, and means that Academy Awards consideration for "Soloist" star Robert Downey Jr. will be put off until next year.

The studio also delayed the limited release of "Defiance" -- a war picture with Daniel Craig from its Paramount Vantage specialty unit -- until the end of 2008, meaning the film won't be in wide release until January.

Paramount, a unit of Viacom Inc., announced the delays as part of a new business strategy in which it is cutting costs by reducing the number of films released each year from about 25 to 20. To start cutting back in 2008, the studio delayed a couple of films, which puts off most of the cost of marketing and distributing the movies until next year.

Including other reductions the studio has made this year, Paramount will wind up saving about $60 million in overhead in 2009. Paramount hadn't yet started a television campaign for "The Soloist," so the delay won't cost the studio any wasted advertising money, says Rob Moore, vice chairman of Paramount.

The new plan "is definitely responsive to the current economic climate," Mr. Moore said. He added that the studio has been eager to implement the new plan for some time but first had to resolve a number of outstanding issues, including the recent departure of DreamWorks' principals, before instituting the cutbacks.

"We now have a new strategy that wasn't possible before the DreamWorks deal was concluded," says Mr. Moore. "We couldn't engage in long-term planning because there was a big variable blocking that process."

The film industry has long argued that it is recession-proof, able to attract audiences during down times because moviegoing is cheaper than some other forms of entertainment such as sports and travel. Paramount's cutbacks signal that Hollywood is nonetheless bracing for the impact from the current economic turmoil.

"Defiance," starring Daniel Craig, won't be in wide release until January.

Hollywood already made a round of reductions this year. Most of the major studios shuttered or downsized their "specialty" divisions -- which release small, indie-like films -- in reaction to a crowded marketplace that has made it more expensive to compete for audiences. In June, for example, Paramount absorbed the majority of the staff at its Paramount Vantage label into its main studio, cutting about 50 employees and reducing the number of releases. Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros. made a similar move with its New Line division.

Paramount's trims also come at a time of turmoil for Viacom, as the advertising down turn has pressured its worsening financial outlook. Recent market swings even forced media mogul Sumner Redstone to sell a $233 million chunk of his holdings in Viacom and CBS Corp. to head off debt problems at his family's holding company.

Cutbacks are also beginning to show up elsewhere in the entertainment industry. NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker told staff in a memo Friday that the company would be cutting its budget by $500 million next year.

Too bad about the Soloist I was looking forward to it!

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Source: WSJ

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bambi Named Biggest Tear Jerker of All Time

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Nemo's mom gets eaten in the first few minutes, Cinderella's lost both of her parents, Mufasa dies by the paws of his brother Scar... Disney movies may be filled with cute, talking-animal sidekicks, but they've never been soft.

So it's no surprise to see a couple of Disney films near the top of the "biggest tear-jerker" list created by Pearl & Dean. In fact, the moment when Bambi's mother gets shot is number one, even though you never actually see it happen on film. Paul McCartney credits that particular powerful moment with making him a vegetarian. The Lion King came in number three.

If you're in need of a good cry, here are some other (non-Disney) films that made the list:

* Ghost
* Titanic
* Beaches
* Philadelphia
* Watership Down
* Steel Magnolias
* Boys Don't Cry

What else would you put up here? Maybe Fox and the Hound... how about the Notebook?

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Source AOL, Pearl and Dean

Facebook Launching Music Service?

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Mark Zuckerberg is planning a possible push into the digital-music business in the wake of MySpace's launch of MySpace Music last month.

The social-networking giant is talking to a number of song-streaming services and music community sites, including,,, and, about an outsourcing deal that would more deeply integrate their music experience into Facebook, sources familiar with the situation said.

Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives also have been busy taking meetings with the major record companies about the strategy.

The company has a checkered past with the recording industry. In August 2007 it was forced to pull the plug on Audio, a popular third-party application that allowed users to upload and stream music, in the face of label complaints of copyright violation.

But a formal Facebook foray into digital music would be decidedly different than MySpace Music, which is a joint venture between the online powerhouse and the world's four biggest record companies - Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group and EMI.

Unlike MySpace, which traded equity in its music venture in exchange for licenses to stream ad-supported songs, Facebook doesn't want to bog itself down in securing their own licenses to distribute music, or building a proprietary service from scratch, sources said.

The company has been toying with the concept off and on for the better part of the year, but Zuckerberg's interest in the concept is believed to have peaked now that MySpace is live with its service.

Facebook declined comment on the situation specifically, but a company spokesman said in a statement that "music sharing plays a part" in the site's mission and that it is "always talking with potential partners."

Facebook already permits a number of digital music services - including Rhapsody, iMeem, iLike, and Lala - to have a presence inside the site, allowing users to download applications to their profiles that can stream music to other users.

Source: NY Post

How to Master the Art of Asian Food

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Steven A. Shaw's new book, fittingly, is a mouthful: "Asian Dining Rules: Essential strategies for eating out at Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Indian restaurants."

In his introduction, Mr. Shaw, co-founder of the eGullet Web site that caters to serious eaters, imagines a scene that is all too familiar. "You walk into an Asian restaurant, and you order a few things from the menu. While you're eating your moo shoo pork, pad Thai, chicken teriyaki, or chicken tikka, you notice there's a big table of Asians across the room eating completely different food--dishes that you didn't even see on the menu."

He recommends that diners taste and compare different cuts of tuna at sushi restaurants. "Most people order tuna but every sushi place has at least three or four, and as many as eight, cuts of tuna from the different parts of the body. They vary in taste as much as a rib-eye steak varies from a filet mignon. A tuna is a huge, cow-like animal."

Steven Shaw's five tips for eating at an Asian restaurant
* Go on an early week night where you have the place to yourself and the full attention of the staff. On Friday and Saturday nights you won't get the attention of a manager.

* Become a regular. The best restaurant isn't the one with the best reviews. It's where they take care of you as a regular.

* Speak up. Don't be a passive customer. Some restaurants have special menus they don't distribute to all customers; be sure to request all menus or lists of specials.
* If your waiter tries to advise you against a menu item, ask him or her to tell you what it is anyway.

* A key thing to remember about the social hierarchy at an Asian restaurant: Your waiter has no pull. There is always a guy in a suit up front. He's got the power to get you special stuff. Approach that person and make that contact. A waiter only brings you the food. For negotiating, go straight to the top.

Source: WSJ

10 Most Biographically Inaccurate Movies

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Hollywood's best biopics are most often merely "based" on a true story. The line between fact and fiction is blurred to make a good story. Here are some of the most inaccurate biographies Hollywood has glamorized...

1. A Beautiful Mind
John Nash had a history of being a less than exemplary citizen. Things included various racial slurs, an arrest in Santa Monica CA and his hallucinations were all auditory, not visual.

2. Ray
He did give up heroin but not all drugs and drinking completely. He never actually banned from playing in Georgia, and he did not live happily ever after with his wife Della (they divorced in 1976)

3. Houdini
Truth and fiction is his life were tough to discern. But a few things like his family name was actually Weisz and he died from a burst appendix not a Chinese Water Torture Cell.

4. The Hurricane
A film about boxer Rubin Carter had the basics down, basically he was an African-American boxer who was jailed for murder and eventually released after many years of appeals. Carter didn't leave the military with service ribbons, but instead was kicked out after getting court-martialed. He didn't lose the boxing match with Joey Giardello because of bigoted judges; he lost it because Giardello cleaned his clock. And Della Pesca, the racist detective with a serious grudge against Carter, was completely and utterly made-up.

5. Amadeus
he play and then movie about Salieri and Mozart has been so popular that it's more or less eclipsed the real history. In fact, their relationship was largely marked by mutual respect and a general lack of murderous intent. They wrote a cantata together, and Salieri even tutored Mozart's son Franz Xaver Wolfgang in music.

6. Mongol
Not the epitome of inaccuracy for Genghis Khan movies but Khan is seen to be a dedicated and devoted husband to his wife Borte. And though his first wife was indeed an important figure in his life, he was hardly a paragon of monogamous virtue: Roughly 8% of all men in Asia are descendants from Khan.

7. Young Mr. Lincoln
The most striking thing in this movie about Abe Lincoln is that slavery, that massive elephant in the room for early American history, is never even mentioned.

8. The Doors
The surviving band members criticized Oliver Stone for stretching the truth and turning Jim Morrison into a boorish, perpetually drunk, stark-raving loony jerk. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek called the movie "Too sensationalistic. Too jivey."

9. Night and Day
Cole Porter had a closet full of military outfits, he never fought in anyone's army. And while Porter was indisputably suave, the ladies were not his primary interest. His wife, Linda Lee Thomaswas, was really 8 years older than him, not significantly younger like in that film.

10. Young Einstein
Historians have been fairly clear that Albert Einstein wasn't born in Tasmania, didn't discover rock music, and didn't split the "Tasmanian beer atom" -- whatever that is -- with a chisel.

Accurate or not they are still good movies! What else would you add to the list?
Some like Walk the Line, Cleopatra, Alexander etc...

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Source: Yahoo movies

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Biden Uses Botox?

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Doctors have reported an increasing amount of men using Botox as a treatment for wrinkles.
In 2001, doctors performed 856,000 cosmetic Botox procedures, including 106,000 on men, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In 2007, 4.6 million procedures were performed, of which about 300,000 were on men. (Many doctors who watched the recent vice-presidential debate are convinced that Joe Biden may be one of those men who use Botox, though the Biden camp has denied it.)

Still, the idea of men using Botox is hardly mainstream.

Meanwhile, Allergan (makers of Botox) has started marketing more directly to men. There is a prominent pitch on the Botox Web site, noting that the product “is certainly not just for women,” and a pamphlet features the Olympic gold-medal swimmer Mark Spitz, who started using Botox this year.

Doctors say the most common reasons male patients cite for using Botox include looking better for social and romantic ends, succumbing to their wives’ encouragement (or demands), and, perhaps most important, a desire to remain competitive in the workplace, especially for those in finance and business.

The procedure works the same way in both men and women, eliminating or reducing wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing and atrophying the facial muscles that cause them. But men often have thicker skin and stronger muscles, doctors say, and frequently require higher doses. The parts of the face targeted for men typically are the horizontal lines in the forehead and "angry" brows.

Many men are still skeptical about using Botox for an anti aging tool and will wait longer for their repeat visits since they aren't as bother as women by their aging.

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Source: NY Times

Get Sweet Feet

Get super cute feet with these tips on taking care of common foot problems

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Problem: Dryness
Solution: Hydrate daily: Restore softness by applying foot cream immediately after bathing, while skin is still wet. "These formulas are heavier than body lotions so they seep into thicker skin," says Stuart Mogul, DPM, a podiatrist in New York City. For maximum benefits, look for one that also contains exfoliators such as lactic acid to improve penetration of hydrators like glycerin.

Get a prescription: If skin is extremely rough, see your dermatologist for an Rx lotion such as Keralac, which contains higher doses of healing ingredients.

Dry between toes after applying: Moisture collects there, encouraging bacterial growth.

Problem: Thick Toenails
Solution:Coat nails nightly with Vaseline: "Petrolatum makes them softer and easier to trim," says Mary P. Lupo, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University.

Clip and file correctly: To eliminate splits and the risk of ingrowns, trim nails into a square shape using a clipper. Aim to make them even with the tips of your toes, and smooth rough edges by filing lightly in long strokes using a fine-grade emery board.

Problem:Overgrown Cuticles
Solution: Soften cuticles every 2 weeks: Rub on cuticle oil and immerse feet in warm water for 10 minutes to loosen skin. Alternatively, apply a cuticle remover such as Dashing Diva Cuti-Peel ($7;; most contain allantoin, an ingredient that softens dead skin, making it easier to take off.

Push back and trim: Gently ease cuticles off the nail with an orangewood stick, and snip hangnails using a nipper.

Problem: Calluses
Solution: Exfoliate daily: Use a foot file or pumice stone in the shower to buff away dead cells. "Water softens skin, making it easier to remove," explains Natasha Kurpas, a manicurist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. Also, avoid overzealous sloughing (calluses protect feet, so don't file them down entirely) and razors, which can cut skin and lead to infection.

Problem: Yellowing Nails
Solution: Buff superficial stains: Lightly filing nails erases surface marks.

Bleach nails: Remove stubborn stains with weekly use of a nail brightener which contains citric acid to fade discoloration. Or use the natural citric acid from a lemon, says Ji Baek, founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge in NYC and author of Rescue Your Nails.

Use a base coat: Applying this clear polish before painting nails creates a stain-fighting barrier.

Alternate shades: If you wear dark hues, go lighter every 3 weeks.

See your doctor: Persistent yellowing could be a sign of health problems.

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Who's Having The Best Week Ever?

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VH1's Popular long time running show is changing it's format! On October 24th it will switch to a single host (Paul Tompkins) opposed to the multiple talking heads and a bit lighter, or less mean, tone.

The show will not abandon the sarcasm entirely but will be “snarky with a heart, snarky with a conscience,” Mr. Tompkins said, though he may have been snarking slightly when he said it.

Mr. Tompkins, 40, has contributed to “Best Week Ever” since it started, and he said getting the call to host was a rare instance of show-business ambition matching up with opportunity. “When I would watch the show,” he said, “I would always wish I was on it more.” Three weeks ago he and his girlfriend, Janie Haddad, an actress, moved to New York from Los Angeles, where he had lived for 14 years.

With the move to a single host, the look of “Best Week Ever” will change. While the talking heads were always seated in front of a colored screen, Mr. Tompkins will stand behind a piece of furniture that he termed a podo-desk (a podium-desk). “I’m already experimenting with elbow leans, with left foot versus right foot, with shifting my weight, distributing my weight,” he said. “So there’s going to be no surprises when it finally comes down to it.” His only other preparation: requesting a teleprompter.

Staff members of “Best Week Ever” are also figuring out how to work to Mr. Tompkins’s strengths. “Already we’re getting a lot better at writing with Paul’s voice in mind,” Sean Johnson, the executive producer, said. In a dry run last week he, a half-dozen other producers and Mr. Tompkins gathered in an orange conference room in VH1’s new brightly colored offices near TriBeCa to go over scripts.

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Source: NY Times

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top Rachael Ray Cooking Tips

Top 3 Tips on Cooking from Rachael Ray

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1. Shop at restaurant supply stores. "The pots and pans are cheap and you get exactly what they're using in the real-deal restaurants," Rachael says.
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2. Leave a big garbage bowl on the counter. "I can throw all my garbage in there and not run back and forth a million times to the garbage can," Rachael says.

3. Resealable bags are kitchen essentials. Rachael explains you should wash and dry your produce as soon as you return from the grocery store, then put them into resealable bags so they are clean and fresh when you need them. "This is a huge time saver," she says.


Awkward Hayden Panettiere Photo!

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Hayden Panettiere at a Comic-Con International exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center

She apparently needed a lot of hand sanitizer after shaking so many of her fans' hands!
Nice face, still love the show!

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Contaminated Bottled Water

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A two year study by Washington D.C. based Environmental Working Group found contaminants in bottled water in 9 states plus D.C.

The study's lab tests on 10 brands of bottled water detected 38 chemicals including bacteria, caffeine, the pain reliever acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, plastic-making chemicals and the radioactive element strontium. Though some probably came from tap water that some companies use for their bottled water, other contaminants probably leached from plastic bottles, the researchers said.

"In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water and, at 1,900 times the cost, consumers should expect better," said Jane Houlihan, an environmental engineer who co-authored the study.
All of the brands did meet federal regulations, the EWG are also advocates for stricter regulation. They suggest drinking filtered tap water if concerned about bottled water.

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Source: Yahoo! News

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why are Jeans So Expensive? Reasons for that price tag!

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What really makes jeans worth the hefty price?
Things like quality: the wash alone can take up to 18 hours! design, threadcount, fit etc are all factors
Also it can all be in the details...

Back Yoke
A dropped yoke isn't just for show--it accommodates a fuller butt. Visually, the curve breaks up the solid block of denim and helps shrink your backside
Double Buttons
Making room for the additional button means you get a wider waistband and a slightly higher rise. Hide your tummy or butt crack...
Embroidered Pockets
Show off a cute butt with notice me pockets
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Sailor front
This trend is all about the waist, so pair these with a fitted top

Source: Women's Health

Shampoo Myths Busted! Experts Reveal whats behind the Truths

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Take Care of Your Hair

"You need lather to know it's really working."
Foaming occurs when surfactant molecules in the shampoo mix with air and create tons of tiny bubbles, so a quarter-size blob of shampoo will usually do the trick/

"You should use a clarifying formula to get rid of buildup."
PARTLY FACT Unless you're using heavy-duty styling products, like pomade, mousse, or gel, regular shampooing prevents styling-product residue from collecting on your hair.

"Washing every day can be bad for your hair."
MOSTLY MYTH "Daily washing is safe and healthy," says Mort Westman, the cosmetics chemist. No matter what kind of hair you have, as long as you stay away from harsh formulas that strip natural oils and treat your strands with conditioner, regular shampooing won't do any harm.

"For best results, follow with a conditioner."
FACT No, this isn't a scam to sell you two products. Chemists can pack only so many ingredients into each bottle. And a shampoo can't clean properly and deposit enough conditioner to moisturize your locks.

"After a while, your hair gets used to your shampoo. That's why you need to switch to a new brand occasionally."
MYTH Honestly, where do people come up with this stuff? Let cosmetics chemist Westman set the record straight: "Hair is dead, period. So it can't 'get used to' anything. It's just your perception of how your hair responds to a new formula." So if you love your brand, there's no reason to switch.

Source: Women'sHealth

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Permanent Hearing Loss from Your MP3?

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On Monday the European Union told music lovers to turn down their music. Frequent users on their MP3 players and iPods risk permanent hearing loss. Although there may not be any immediately noticeable effects in the long run it could be very damamging.
EU scientists reported that between 2.5 million and 10 million Europeans could suffer hearing loss from listening to MP3 players at unsafe volumes — over 89 decibels — for more an hour daily for at least five years.
The EU will most likely be looking at changing the legal decibel limit to 100.
Apple currently cautions iPod users that "permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume."

Either way get an iPod here and crank it or not :)

Source: Yahoo! News

America's Top 20 Most Hated Foods

AOL did a poll asking what foods America dislikes the most... The top 20 may be surprising! See what users commented on here

But you can cook what you like at home with a Free Ultimate Rachael Ray Cookware Package

20. Blueberries
People hated the smell and are grossed out by the little shriveled ones...

19.Maple Syrup
Most people were reminded of something unpleasant by the smell of this topping

Interesting that some people's genetics cause cilantro to taste like soap!

Not so surprising.. raw/cooked doesn't matter

16. Cooked Carrots
Raw is ok.. but something about the smell and mushy-ness

Oatmeal cookie deal breaker

Smell- 'nuf said


12.Pea soup
Gross memories and peas don't go well together

11.Sour Cream
Rotten milk

... interesting...

not surprising, especially tuna casserole

8.Brussels sprouts
Does anyone really like these?

I think of old people

OK.. but not alone



Whipped lemon and fat spread

2.Lima Beans

Oh just about everything is gross... what it is to how its' smell takes over.

Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Tips for Smart Debit Card Use

Here are some tips to help you in this current credit crunch, keep these tips in mind when spending!

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1. Check the fee's
Is there a fee for using your debit card? Most banks will not charge you but the retailer might... also there is sometimes a difference between using your debit card as credit or debit from the retailer!

2. The larger transaction amounts clear first
Pay attention to the order in which you spend since you might end up overdrafting

3.Current vs. Available Balance
don't get confused by what's showing up online or your ATM statement. Generally the available balance is correct

4. Blocking your money before it's spent
Hotels and Car rentals will sometimes block off a portion of your money before you ever actually use it.. be careful

5. Overdosing on Overdraft
Banks will charge you a fee for every overdraft you get...even with protection!


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The Top Five Ways to Lower Your Cellphone Bill!

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Save some money with a lower bill and Free iPhone.

1. Choose the right plan
Either upgrade or downgrade your service depending on how many minutes you actually use. Look into a family plan even if you don't have a family. Also check out pay as you go plans for those who rarely use your cell or adding unlimited options for data and texting.

2. Make appointments for long calls-like for friends and family
Basically try to set these calls for when minutes are free, mostly after 7. It's surprising how fast an afternoon chat can rack up the charges.

3. Avoid using 411 for info
Using this can cost anywhere from $.50 to $1.50. Try free services instead like 800-FREE-411, 800-411-METRO or 800-GOOG-411

4. Ditch the extras
Some extras sometimes come with hidden fees like three way calling. Try getting your provider to drop those unnecessary features. Others like data plans can be costly if it's not really useful. Also using data minutes for downloads can add up.

5. Cut down on texting
Unless you have an unlimited plan (which can also be pricey) you can be charged per text, that adds up quick if you text frequently!

More info on these top 5 here at Switched

Check out your plan, maybe there are a few things you could do without and cutback on to help save you some money!

Also save some money by getting and iPhone here!

Ralph Lauren a Leader in Mobile Technology?

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Ralph Lauren is the 1st US Luxury Retailer to use QR codes. Now you can shop directly from your phone by just scanning it over 2-dimensional QR codes from magazine ads, store windows and you'll be directly linked to their website to purchase.
It's super easy and for the month of October when you shop on their mobile site and Ralph Lauren will give 100% of net proceeds to the Pink Pony Fund for Cancer Care and Research Prevention! So they're putting all the money you spend on their site for the month to a great cause.
The codes are appearing in newspapers and magazines and on billboards. In the States, Polo Ralph Lauren is pioneering the use of this technology in the fashion field. When people scan items that appear in ads—the US Open tennis tournament will kick off an initiative that includes billboards, banners and print ads marked with codes—they are connected to an e-commerce site where they can shop directly from their phones, and view the collections.
The codes extend into personal advertising, too. Semacode is collaborating with Facebook to allow users to send people they meet a link to their online profile by having them scan a Semacoded “social card.”
There are plenty more options on the way, especially as both Apple and Google, with its bar-coded Consumer Response Tag (CRT), come on board. Google is developing an open-source code reader called ZXing (still in testing), and third-party developer NeoMedia has already released a NeoReader for Apple’s iPhone 3G.
The “wow” factor will help spread demand for codes very quickly. “People are communicating in voice and SMS,” or short message service. People want a way to walk by a poster, take a photo of a code, and instantly get a movie trailer, or be able to pass a concert poster and scan a code and go to the Ticketmaster site. The industry is poised to get there, and it’s going to start happening within the next six to twelve months. Or, in the case of Polo, today.

Pretty Cool. Get Great Stuff, help the Pink Pony fund and shop for Free.
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Source: About Ralph Lauren

Friday, October 10, 2008

125 Top Healthiest Supermarket Finds

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Men's Health scoured many supermarkets and grocery stores to compile this comprehensive list of 125 healthiest foods and what not you can find in a store near you!
The authors of Eat This Not That found seriously everything you can think of stocking in your pantry and fridge as well as listing the nutrition facts for each product.

Some good suggestions:

Amstel Light
Smooth, but doesn’t taste watery like most light beers.
Per bottle: 95 calories

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Chips Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
The perfect balance of salt, spice, and big potato crunch.
Per oz: 150 calories, 2 g protein, 16 g carbs,
2 g fiber, 9 g fat

Lean Pockets Mexican Style Three Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla
A fast snack: Just nuke and eat.
Per pocket: 260 calories, 13 g protein, 34 g carbs

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Slathering Sauce
Wait until the last 10 minutes of grilling to paint your food with sauce—otherwise the sugars in the sauce will burn.
Per 2 Tbsp: 25 calories, 5 g carbs

Flora Giardiniera
This spicy Italian marinated-vegetable medley takes a ham panini from mundane to marvelous.
Per ¼ cup: 0 calories, 1 g carbs, 1 g fiber

For most healthy and organic options can be found at Whole Foods... which may possibly be the best grocery store ever.

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Source: Men's Health

Arrested for being Too Sexy?!...

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A group of Sudanese women were arrested in the regions capitol of Juba. The arrested women were "disturbing the peace" by wearing too tight pants. Really??
Police claim that they have been trying to crack down on crime and they suspected the women of belonging to youth gangs known for drinking, fighting and public nudity.
Strange how nudity is the problem yet these women were clothed...
Witnesses said the women were thrown into 2 cramped vans like animals. This region is supposedly more liberal than the largely Muslim northern regions too.
The women were arrested Sunday and released Monday after court.

Wow. I know it's tough times here but at least you don't hear of anyone arrested for heels too high, or too much cleavage!
Speaking of tight pants... I love Seven for All Mankind jeans, especially the Havana flare, they make your butt look amazing, are made with exceptional quality that will last and the wash will never go out of style. So as long as America is free I will gladly wear tight jeans :)
So get these HOT SEXY and FREE Seven's NOW!

Source: MSNBC

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Lingerie Football League Starting in 2009

Talk about Powerpuff...

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The inaugural LFL season's schedule will be announced in April 2009 with games to air on cable TV in the fall. Fans can also watch highlights of all the heart-pounding action on the league's official Web site,

The Lingerie Bowl Started in 2004 as an alternative to the SuperBowls' half time performance.. clearly it has done well.
Players include mostly actresses and models, Chyna has also played. I have a feeling this could gain a pretty large following. The women will be playing full-contact football in helmets, sports bras and panties. There will be an East and West division and will have seasonal games. Haha... I'd play.

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The LFL Site
Source: NYdailynews

What? The Hills' LC Turned Hypocrite?!

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For you Hills fans this comes as a shocker. Lauren Conrad (LC) notorious for enforcing the girl code of not going near any friends' ex-boyfriend, ex-interest or ex-fling with a 10 foot pole may be guilty of hooking up with one of her BFFs (Audrina Patridge) ex's (Justin Bobby)
These are only rumors according to E! and the girls. Audrina's comments on the issue seem like she doesn't know what or who to believe either. She hasn't been exclusive with Justin Bobby for sometime now, but still...come on LC. She used to hate how he treated Audrina and now reportedly hooking up with him? i'm not sure how much I believe this or else LC would come out to be the biggest hypocrite/villian of them all.
Love this show! And it's addicting since it's drama we've all had :)

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Source: Popeater

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bizzarre Beauty Secrets and Shockers

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What would you do for beauty? Many are finding new and often surprising treatments to do just about anything for beauty.
Examples such as vampire detox using blood sucking leeches post cosmetic surgery instead of post surgical drains for wounds and grafts. Leech saliva has a blood thinner that is found beneficial for cosmetic functions and decreases the chance of infection... strange.
Some extremes also include using placenta (yes, the stuff that surrounds babies in the womb) to decrease wrinkles and improve skin texture. Apparently it works because it's packed with protein and antioxidants.
Commonly used and now popular Botox injections are actually made from poison! Botulinum toxin A, a neurotoxin produced by the same bacteria that causes botulism.
More interesting beauty secrets can be found in an article on AOL/Health

Really if you're looking to liven up your skin try Kinerase products, especially this one
I found it free here and it works great. I know in a couple years I'll be glad to have found my product when I was young enough to combat the damage I've already done to my skin by baking in the sun through many spring breaks... without resorting to placenta (ew)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reduction in Plastic Surgery because of Economy!

Many people these days find themselves cutting back on unnecessary spending... which ultimately includes money used for cosmetic procedures.

People are trying less expensive procedures like Botox, other injections, using creams and similar products to spending on cosmetics instead of more pricey options.

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An article on CNN discusses the decrease plastic suregeons have seen in their businesses. After a poll they found there has been about a 40% drop. And most clients are having difficulty rationalizing spending on procedures.

Ofcourse for less dramatic results you can try bottled products that have similar effects for a whole lot less than the doctors office which could cost $1000s.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

When Not to Listen to Your GPS

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Some interesting events around the world lead me to believe a GPS unit is not always best, and many people have no common sense!
An article on found here gives some examples of people taking their GPS a little to literally.
The best is of these drivers taking a GPS "suggestion" was in Bedford Hills, NY where a driver took a turn right onto the tracks of the Metro-North railroad and got stuck.
An the 911 dispatched was unable to reach the approaching train and an accident ensued, luckily no one was hurt except the car and the train passengers were delayed several hours...
I just don't understand how someone could not pay attention to the extent that their car is crunched by a train because the of GPS directions.

Anyways, the Garmin Nuvi 660 portable GPS navigator is awesome.
It's very easy to set up and use. I also love that it has Points of Interest programmed in already so it can help you find just about anything you need.
It's the perfect travel assistant to help you control hands-free calling, traffic alerts, and the FM transmitter, all from the screen. Ofcourse sometimes using the GPS will tell you to take a route that doesn't work out so well... (that's where common sense kicks in)

You can get the Garmin nuvi 660 for free here. Definitely Worth It!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love SNL! and an Awesome Free SNL DVD Collection

So SNL is back again!
Last weeks' episode with the return of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton was definitely one of the funniest skits I've seen in a while. I enjoy the new cast but you can't help but love the older casts. They are classic.

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It's still up in the air whether Tina Fey will come back to continue the role, and Amy Poehler is scheduled to leave SNL to have a baby in the next few months... which will be a huge loss for the show. Click here for the USA Today article
However the next few episodes lined up are going to have awesome hosts. James Franco will be hosting this weekend with Kings of Leon and Anna Faris will be next on September 27 with Duffy as the musical guest.
I believe Franco should be good after seeing him in his stoner role in Pineapple Express and Anna Faris is always hilarious. I have faith SNL will get better!

Either way I found a Saturday Night Live Complete 10 DVD Collector's Set online a while back ago and found it's actually not a scam!
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I watch these all the time and they feature all of the "classic" SNL actors and characters.
To get the collection you don't need to do much. You need to enter some basic info and go through some questions that you can answer yes/no to or even skip. At which point you need to choose some offers to fulfill, that can cost you money but ends up being a lot less than what you would actually pay for this item. Just think of the deal if you out of pocket spend $50 to get the collection worth a few hundred. You need to send in some proof of fulfilling the requirements and the company sends you the collection in about a month. Maybe do it now for the holidays? Anyways its definitely worth checking out!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond for Free. Smartphone for the smart set!

An article on CNN's Fortune listed the top 7 smartphones. Of the phones addressed my favorite is the HTC Touch Diamond phone. From a Taiwanese company it both rivals, and in my opinion, exceeds the iphone. Besides the powerful specs and every feature possible it's more slim than the iphone. I'm not downplaying the iphone, it's an amzing device, I just haven't bought into it....

I have found a site that is offering the HTC Touch Diamond for free. Ofcourse some terms apply, but it is definitely worth it considering all that the phone offers! You can get it here:

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You can also read more about the HTC Touch Diamond in the article at


Its great for work and play considering it operates with Windows and has great fun features.